Rug Hook Earrings
Rug Hook Brooches (or Pins)

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Hand-made rug hook brooches, crafted by Les Ritchie, from nickel silver and inlace acrylester, a semi-translucent material with a deep iridescence. A gilt clasp is attached to each brooch. Measuring approximately 5cm in length, each brooch is unique: please note that patterns will vary.

£15 each plus postage.

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Purple Fire

Vibrant purple shot through with pale lilac sparkle

Emerald Sparkle

Deep green with sparkling swirls


Creamy marble with bronze swirls

Bronze Violet

Shades of violet with bronze clouds


Rich veins of honey and coffee

Ocean Mist

Swirling sea of pearlescent blues and greens

Crimson Silver

Red and grey with silver sparkles

Close-up of mounting

Gilt fitting with safety rolling catch attached to Copper brooch

Close-up of brooch hook

Nickel silver hook fitting