Tools and Materials
Tools and Materials

Suitable materials

Types of material suitable for rug making include blankets, t-shirts, jumpers, tweed skirts etc. The larger your collection the more colours you'll have to choose from. Put them on a hot wash to felt them up.


Hessian makes a perfect backing on which to weave your rugs.

Cutting board

Very useful for cutting strips of fabric.

Perspex ruler

Ideal guide for cutting fabric strips to an even width.

Rotary cutting wheel

Another useful tool. Much easier to use than a pair of scissors for cutting strips of material... and fewer blisters.

Bent handle scissors

Handy for trimming fabric on the hessian backing.

Hook tool

Used for hooking. Brass, steel and wood versions are available in different sizes and shapes.

Proddy tool

Can be made completely from wood and with a choice of brass or steel tips for making proddy rugs.

Spring hook

For making proddy rugs.

Wooden lap frame

A lap frame with gripper strips holds your rug steady and is just the right height for getting your hand under the work. The solid base gives stability and can hold fabric and tools.

Wooden stretcher frame

A must have for making larger rugs, especially proddy work. They can be used by groups of people and the work in progress can be rolled up for storage.

Rug making hoop

A hoop is easily transportable with a long screw to allow the thick rug to be held firm. A rug hoop is stronger than an embroidery hoop.